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Striper Surf Club Member Jim Coucoulas & Family

Good-Bye to Long Island BBQ June 29, 2013

Striper Surf Club Member Jim Coucoulas & Family

Good-Bye to Long Island BBQ June 29, 2013

Jim, Timmy and Rachel blow out their good-bye candles

Jim, Timmy and Rachel Coucoulas

SSC members and family having a good time

Tom Cassino, Chris Sippel, Nico Saric, Mike Ginex and Dan Stasi shooting the breeze

Solo guitar player and club friend Craig Steyer

Our hostess Lorraine Knapik

SSC members, friends and family having a good time

Ted Cannone and master chef Tom Cassino grilling up some grub

The Guest of Honor Jim Coucoulas

Nico Saric and Mike Ginex gives the thumbs up

Sippel, Ginex and Steyer a.k.a the "Kingsman Trio."

Mike & Eileen Ginex, Cindy Sippel and Maureen Miale

Joe and Jo Brendel along with Rachel Coucoulas

Maria Citarella and Sara Coucoulas

Nico Saric, Rick Zappala, Tim Coucoulas, Craig Steyer, John Citarella and Chris Sippel say good-bye to Jim

Dan Stasi and Ted Cannone

Dan, Ted and Tommy cooking up some food

Master Chef Tom Cassino and Guest of Honor Jim Coucoulas

Chris Sippel, Steve Knapik and Mike Ginex jamming a bit during the night

Johnny "be good" Citarella jamming out some tunes on his Fender bass

Jam session

Tim Coucoulas and James Cannone taking a break from bocci ball

Sippel doing a little jamming of his own

Rocking the night away

"How does that song go again" ??

Guest of Honor Jim Coucoulas belting out a new tune

Striper Surf Club Fishes Cuttyhunk Massachusetts June 16-20, 2013

SSC Members: Bill Davison, Chris Sippel, Steve Knapik, Dane Kurian, Mike Ginex, Jim Jaget,

Nick Gianakos, Dan Foley, John Citarella, Predrag Radovanovic

A Predrag caught bass using a bucktail and a Savage Gear Real Eels

Billy Davison at New Bedford, Ma., boat dock waiting to head to Cuttyhunk

Bill Davison and Jim Jaget

SSC members all on board the "Sea Horse" water taxi.

Chowing down some fine Striper Surf Club food

Raw clams courtesy of FDNY member Dan Foely

Club photo near the club house outdoor bathroom

Knapik needed to go!

Dan Foley having a meal

New Bedford Ma., boat docks

Rigged eel preparation

Nice made chicken wings by Chris Sippel

Jaget checking out his gear

Cuttyhunk rocks!

Jaget fishing near "Churches"

Jim Jaget and Dan Foely

John Citarella cooking up some steaks

John Citarella enjoing an afternoon cigar.

Chris Sippel having some lunch

Knapik plotting his next move not to fish near fish jumping

Cuttyhunk Surf

Cuttyhunk bathing quarters

"I swear this will be my last cigar" Nick Gianakos

Moving boat

Cuttyhunk Ma.

Loading up at the dock

Bill, Nicky, Jimmy, and Chris heading out to do some fishing

Cuttyhunk Fishing Club innkeeper Bonnie loading up her truck

New Bedford Ma.

Cuttyhunk Fishing Club

More and more rods

Beautiful harbor shot taken by Predrag

Beautiful harbor shot taken by Predrag

Nicky, Jimmy, Bill and Chris pose for a photo op

Early morning meetings

Early morning meetings

More food and more eating

Dane makes his cast in the Striper Surf Club casting contest

Jaget, Davison and Sippel

Dane with small Striped Bass

Dane heading into the water looking for fish

Dane hanging out in the kitchen

Dinner table

Cuttyhunk dock. Photo by Mike Ginex

Small bass on a rigged eel

Mike Ginex with his catch of the morning

Striper Surf Club meeting

Striper Surf Club meeting

Jimmy Jaget with a decent bass

Jim Jaget with a big bluefish

John Citarella doing some fine cooking

John's keeper bass of the day!

Lunch again

Mike Ginex makes his way into the surf

Cuttyhunk Port

Predrag checking his surf bag

Predrag standing on his rock

Predrag Radovanovic

Predrag with a 17 pound bass just prior to dinner

Cutty rocks

Old time Cuttyhunk

Hanging outside

Hanging outside

Chris with a small bluefish

Steve Knapik fishes near the inlet

Sippel's 30 pound bass standin that he caught, but there was no one to take his picture with the real deal

Knapik wetsuitting the cold water

View from the club house

Dan is into a fish

Foley with a small bass

Nick Gianakos fishes near the Churches

Bill Davison near "Churches."

Nick enjoying his view

Photo by Mike Ginex

Cuttyhunk rocky shoreline

Cuttyhunk rocky shoreline

Davison and Gianakos

Group meeting

Predrag with a striped bass


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