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Established 1951

"The Good Ole Days"

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"This page is dedicated to all the Charter Members of the Striper Surf Club.  It was these gentlemen that help forge the way for several generations of surf fisherman, by passing down their knowledge, skills and commitment to the sport we have come to love. These early photos of the  "Good Ole Days" were furbished with the help of Striper Surf Club Charter Members, Al Bentsen, Frank Speyer, Frank "Slaughterhouse" Frezza and Chuck Leigh. We are truly grateful for their contributions and preservation of our club's rich history".      Steve Knapik, President - March 2005

1954 Striper Surf Club Annual Dinner at the Carolina Restaurant, Coney Island, NY

1954 New York State Champions 1st Place Trophy in the R.J. Schaefer Salt Water Fishing Contest 

Photo taken by SSC Member Paul Sussman  

Front Row (L to R)  Chuck Leigh, George Adams, Stanley Pluhowski, Alex Petrenko

Middle Row (L to R)  Dick Samms, Frankie Speyer, Mike Dome, George "Red" Ciletti, Carmine Caltabiano, Club President Al Freed, Sam Levine, Guest, Murry Epstein,  Bert Cohen, Jack Katz

Back Row (L to R)  Schaefer Contest Rep. John Ambrose, Harry Jagoda, Pete Paras, Ziggy Mathieson, Artie Handlin, Gus Piazza, Guest, Tom Zoda

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Pre Striper Surf Club 1939 Frankie Frezza 17 years old with a pair with of Striped Bass caught at Montauk Point, NY

Montauk Point Lighthouse circa 1940. Photo provided by Linda Kurzin

View of from the top of the Montauk Lighthouse cira late 1940's or '50's Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Montauk Point Lighthouse buildings circa late 1940's or '50 Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Montauk Lighthouse circa 1940's or '50's. Notice the wire from the Light to the radio tower. Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Women and dog pose in front of Montauk Lighthouse near bunker? circa 1940's Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Montauk Lighthouse from the window of a car. Notice the parking lot ot the left. circa 1940's Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

1940's Montauk Lighthouse. Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Looks like Montauk near Scotts? circa 1940's photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Montauk Lighthouse circa 1940's or '50's Photo donated by Linda Kurzin

Montauk Point Lighthouse circa 1940 John Chiappe & Ruth Stager (non SSC members) Photo donated by Lois Chiappe

Surf fishing family (the Chiappe's) posing in front of "The Maisonettes Motel" the first motel in Montauk circa 1940's Photo donated by Lois Chiappe

Striper Surf Club Frankie Frezza with a his largest Striped Bass @ 49 pounds, Cape Cod, Ma.

Striper Surf Club member Frankie Frezza with his 1929 Model A Ford on the Beach of Cape Cod, Ma. Circa 1953

Frank Frezza hand written account of the "1929 Model A Ford Beach Buggy", 2007

Frank Frezza and Pete Paras in P-town Cape Cod, Ma. Circa 1950

Frankie Frezza, Mel Clapp, Bert Cohen, Frankie Spyer and Al Bentsen with Striped Bass 25 to 41 pounds. Circa 1950's

Bert Cohen, Frank Frezza and Al Bentsen with Striped Bass caught @ Provincetown Cape Cod, Ma Circa 1949. Largest @ 49 pounds.

Frank Frezza with Striped Bass caught at Fort Tilden circa 1943

Frank "Slaughterhouse" Frezza is still an active fisherman and hunter at the age of 83. 2007

Pre Striper Surf Club 1943 Frankie Frezza with a real alligator caught on a flaptail at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Pre Striper Surf Club circa 1946 Montauk Point. Club founders (l) Frank "Slaughterhouse" Frezza, Lou Paras and Carmine Caltabiano (extreme right)

SSC member Lou Paras circa 1949, Fort Tilden NY

SSC member Lou Paras circa 1949, Breezy Point

SSC member Lou Paras doing some rock hopping at Montauk Point, NY 1950

(r) Lou Paras with a few decent bass caught at Turtle Cove, Montauk Point, NY 1947

Lou Paras with a decent Striped Bass, Provincetown, MA circa 1951

SSC members with their catch at Race Point, MA 1951

1951 Group photo of the Striper Surf Club with their catch

Lou Paras, his Breezy Point fish and a local dog are posing in front of "Moishe's" Tackle Shop on Surf Avenue in Coney Island.

(L) Ben Groves of the Whitewater Surf Club, SSC members Lou Paras and Al Freed with some big Striped Bass from Provincetown, Ma.

First Striper Surf Club Dinner, Burt Cohen awards Paul Sussman with an award

SSC members pose for a group photo during the first club diner. (l) to (r) Murray "Murf the Surf" Epstein, Lou Paras, Harry Jagoda, Paul Sussman

SSC First club dinner 1952

A newspaper clip from "The Outdoors" with Jim Hurley

First club dinner with Frank "Slaughter House" Frezza, Artie Handlin, Lou Paras and Al Bentsen

1952First club dinner with Al Bentsen, Burt Cohen, Lou Paras and Paul Sussman

1952 Striper Surf Club first club dinner with a group photo

Pre Striper Surf Club circa 1943 Club founders (l) Lou Paras , & Frank "Slaughterhouse" Frezza with bass caught at Breezy Point jetty

Albert Freed, Striper Surf Club's First President, 1951

The Striper Surf Club, Cape Cod, Ma. Circa 1950

SSC Members Mel Clapp, Murry Epstein, Carmine Caltabiano, Chuck Leigh, Frank Speyer

18 y/o Al Bentsen with a 35 pound Striper labor day weekend 1950 in Fort Tilden at night. Caught on plugs with Frank Speyer

1951- Frank "Slaughterhouse" Frezza with his Model A Ford at Cape Cod, Ma. This buggy was later sold to SSC member Dick Samms.

Members 1952 Frankie Frezza, Mel Clapp, Bert Cohen, Frankie Spyer and Al Bentsen

(l) Dick Samms and a Cape Cod local named "Bottles" Circa 1950

Harry Jagoda with this 40 pound Striped Bass caught on the Breezy Point Jetty, June 8. 1950

Paul Sussman with a nice Cow Bass caught on the Cape, Circa 1951

Harry Jagoda and Al Bentsen with cow Stripers July 1951

The Picture Say's it All.

Frankie Speyer and Al Bentsen with 3 bass caught in Long Beach August 11, 1952

Ziggy Mathieson and Al Bentsen with Al's first trip to the Cape. All but one caught on rigged eels. July 1951

Dick Samms with his old Model "A" Ford Beach Buggy. Look close and you can see his old "Reverse Atom" on his line. Circa 1952

Chuck Leigh & Pete Paras with some nice fish. July 1952 , Cape Cod, Ma.

A young 17 y/o Chuck Leigh in 1953. Check out his "Chub Creek Lure"

Arnold Laine and Dick Samms, August 1953 Cape Cod, Ma

Chuck Leigh poses with this New York Cow Bass. Circa 1954

Chuck Leigh with a pair of Cape Cod Striped Bass, 1956

Chuck Leigh with his four of ten bass. Six of those bass were caught by Al Bentsen including a 50 pounder! September 1957

Paul Sussman and Chuck Leigh with a kill they had in October 1957 all on rigged eels, "The Race", Cape Cod, Ma.

Moishe of "Moishe's Tackle Shop, Coney Island. Craftsman Rod & Tackle builder. Circa 1950's Photo by SSC Member Paul Sussman

Ben Groves at the Cape with this fine Striped Bass. Ben was a member of the White Water Surf Club

Chuck Leigh alone with his bass, September 1957 Back Shores, Cape Cod

1958 Schaefer Fishing Contest Angler vs. Swimmer Contest. Won by SSC Member Chuck Leigh 2nd from far right, Leo Rotolo winner 2nd from the left

Striper Surf Club Charter Member Frank Speyer caught this 46 pound cow Striped Bass at the Sand Pit Cape Cod, Ma. June 29, 1959

1958 Schaefer Fishing Contest Angler vs. Swimmer Contest Bulletin. Won by SSC Member Chuck Leigh

A total of 18 Striped Bass in Dick Samms Buggy caught by Al Bentsen, Chuck Leigh, & Dick Samms October 22, 1959

Striper Surf Club Members Mel Clapp with a 40 pound Cow Bass and Chuck Leigh with a 55.2 pound Striper Cow. Caught at Longnook Cape Cod, 1959

"Mel Clapp who was a great fisherman, retired to Ireland where he is a "Gille" on the Salmon River". Chuck Leigh, 2005

Pete Paras with 2 nice Bass at 'The Traps" Cape Cod, Ma. October 1961

Chuck Leigh with this monster cow of 50.8 pounds! September 1962 Race Point, Cape Cod, Ma.

Al Bentsen with this nice cow bass! September 1962 Race Point, Cape Cod, Ma.

Chris Leigh with a nice bass next to her Land Rover beach buggy Circa 1963

Chuck Leigh in front of Bernie's Tackle in Sheepshead Bay with a HUGE 52.8 pound Striped Bass taken from a Long Beach Jetty, 1964

Al Bentsen with a 15 pound Striper at , Cape Cod, Ma. October 1965

Chuck Leigh in front of his Land Rover with another Monster Striped Bass weighing in at 54.4 pounds, caught at High Head, Cape Cod 1966

Chris Leigh with this 40 lbs. Cow Bass she caught on a popping plug. Circa 1967

Moishe of "Moishe's Tackle Shop, Coney Island. Favorite hangout of the SSC. Circa 1950's Photo by SSC member Paul Sussman

SSC Charter Member Frankie Speyer putting out the wash with his GREAT Catch!

SSC Charter Member Frankie Speyer hoisting up a nice Bass

SSC Members Max, Frank Speyer, Chuck Leigh, Dick Samms

Al Bentsen with a 50.8 pound Cow Bass Circa 1957

SSC Charter Member & Club Photographer Paul Sussman

R.J. Schaefer Contest winner Frank Speyer Circa 1966

SSC members, Pete Paras, Frank Speyer, Paul Sussman

Frankie Speyer with a nice tuna. Read his story in our SSC History/Officers Page!

SSC Charter Members, Frank Speyer, Mel Clapp, Mike Dome

SSC member Eddie Frank with a decent Striped Bass

SSC Charter Member Ted Perkowski an early Breezy Point fisherman and one of the 1st NYer's to hit the Cape. 1981 50 pounds + New Beach Cape Cod

Al Bentsen with his "Catch of the Day" Cape Cod. October 1957

Al Bentsen with a Cow Bass. Circa 1957

Al Bentsen with 4 Striped Bass 1957 (no weights)

Al Bentsen with a 50.8 pound Cow caught September 1957

Sylvia and Mel Clapp with a 52 pound Striped Bass caught at the Cape Cod October 1960

Al Bentsen with another cow bass weighing in at 51.4 pounds. Caught at Cape Cod 7/8/60

Striper Surf Club patch Circa 1960's Courtesy of Charlie Folz

Al Bentsen with this impressive 56.4 lbs. Monster Cow Striped Bass caught October 14, 1962

SSC member Dick Samms with six Striped Bss caught circa 1957

SSC Member Chuck Leigh with a decent bass 1958

A young 16 y/o Chuck Leigh with a 32 pound Striped Bass

Al Bentsen poses again with this most impressive 56.4 pound Striped Bass, Circa 1962

Al Bentsen with a 56.4 Lb. Cow Striped Bass, September 20, 1964

Truck Load of Blues caught at the Cape in October 1969

Frankie Speyer plug collection: Alou Eel, altered regular Atom 40, Atom 40, Atom 51, Capt. Bill Creek Chub Giant Pikie

R.J. Schaefer Fishing contest pin 1966 courtesy of Frank Speyer

SSC member Chuck Leigh with a 50 pound cow caught at the "Traps" Cape Cod 1969

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